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Cooperation Mode


We are based on sincerity and actively seeking cooperation to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.We also support innovative partnerships that develop norms and rules to address these new concerns. The following is our current support mode of cooperation:

1.Cooperative Marketing For Sell Original Design

We support the original work,provide a platform for design fans to spread their works and make money. We advocate respect for the work of the copyright holder. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property holder, and this site will reasonably regulate the corresponding spread online.


Related matters as follows:

(1) After the original works uploaded in our website,ownership of works shall be enjoyed by the author,we have leasehold rights, not property rights,any benefit accrued from the use of the works belongs to the copyright owner .

(2) Designs and text that are suspected to violate the law, including, but not limited to, defamation or copyright violations, will be removed immediately without warning and won’t be printed . Legal action rights reserved.

(3) If your design or text is removed, and you believe it has been removed in error, please send an email to verify at that proves ownership of the design, or other valid statement of legality.

(4) If you suspect a design or text of being illegal, please report it to verify at Your personal information will be protected according to our privacy statement.

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(1) Create Designs and Products

Uploading designs is easy with our simple guidelines. To find out how it is done, as well as what legal requirements and product considerations you should know:

(2) Printing Techniques
We offer advanced printing techniques for reproducing your design in high quality on a variety of apparel items. What is the best printing technique for your design?